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Hi there! Our names are Bethany and Corey Adkins.

We are Ohio natives, currently living in Southern California. We've got two little kids. Carter is 6 and Liberty is 3. Our lives are a little crazy, and with that being said we want to let you know that in this space, our real moments are what we highlight.

-Our kids are amazing but wild, and our parenting could honestly use a little work.
-We are over $100,000 in debt (thanks college).
-We work well beyond 40 hour work weeks, and most of the time live paycheck to paycheck.
-We like each other, but we fight a good bit too and our marriage could use a little TLC.
-We like to eat good, but we also live about a mile from In-N-Out...enough said.

And you know what?! We're okay with all of it because we are constantly striving to be better.

We have spent entirely too long trying to be picture perfect, and it's exhausting.

If you are here for all of the answers, we probably don't have them.  We want to take a stand and prove that there's no shame in being a mess sometimes.  Everyone wants to share their success stories and victories, but never until they've actually made it.  What about the struggle it took to get there though?  No one wants to post their "before" until they have an "after." Too many people struggle day in and day out trying to make it and yearn for the day they can look back on how far they've come, but they are too embarrassed to share the struggle while it's actually happening.  

God is calling us to do just that.  We are going to do the opposite of the status quo by sharing our mess every step of the way.

We are learning that it's okay to love and embrace where we're at while simultaneously wanted to be somewhere completely different.

Our goals are to:

-Become legendary parents and raise leaders
-Be completely out of debt by the end of 2021
-Maybe not work less, but do what fulfills us so that our work is our play too...and maybe work less
-Have an unbreakable, thriving marriage
-Become the healthiest versions of ourselves

And we want you to watch us as we strive to achieve these things.  

During our pursuit, here's what we want to do for you:

1. Create a community of people who can relate, and want to join in on the ride. We want you to feel encouraged by the transparency of our #highlightREAL, and also have a place to share yours. We hope to get you motivated to improve and learn with us along the journey. We promise to share what works, and what doesn't, and we fully anticipate that there will be some fails along the way. Don't worry, we will be sharing it all as it unfolds, because what fun is trying to relate to someone who already has it all figured out?

2. We want to encourage you to pursue your God-given purpose and life calling.  If you know what that is, we would love to cheer you on and support you any way that we can as you achieve it. If you don't know what your purpose is, we can help!  The world is full of nay-sayers, discouragers, and small-minded people, but you won't find that here.  Whether your calling is to be a stay at home parent, a teacher, or you have some crazy audacious dream that seems far out of reach, we want to encourage you to pursue your purpose.

We wholeheartedly believe that you aren't truly living until you are living your God-given purpose. The world needs you to step into whatever that may be.

Just like you, we are in pursuit of a purpose, and we are so excited to share our journey. Click on the link "Pursuit of a Purpose" to learn more about how we arrived at where we are.

If any of this resonates with you, we want to welcome you with open arms to our community. We are all in this together and we truly believe that we rise by lifting others. Together we can march on toward the lives of fulfillment that we were designed for.

If you're not into joining our community because quite frankly, we are a hot mess and don't have the results you are looking for, check back in with us in one, two, or even six months because who we are today is not who we will be tomorrow.  You don't think we can make it? Watch us. We can and we will, and so can you.

Welcome to 

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