Hiking, Homeless Bags, and Hollywood--Roadtrip Update!

Hi everyone! So I initially started this post while sitting in Los Angeles on set with Carter on Sunday, but the day got away from me so here we are two days later...

It is now Tuesday the 16th, and we are in New Orleans!

I'm going to back track a little to pick up where we left off which was Dude Perfect and hanging out at the hotel. While the kids could have stayed in the hotel all day, I was getting a bit of cabin fever, so we decided to get up on Wednesday and find a place to hike. The place we found turned out to be really awesome! It was called Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and I would highly recommend it if you are ever in the Dallas area! It had a playground, a ton of trails, a creek, and even some places to grill out. The trails and the entire property would be great for all ages.

The kids had a blast hiking and climbing, and we enjoyed the fresh Texas air. The kids love to use their imaginations and make everything "magical." We ran into "magical trails," and "magical water," "magical sticks," and more. Thankfully, we didn't run into any "magical snakes" even though Carter desperately wanted to. Here are some photo's of our adventure!

Wednesday after Corey got off work, we went to see the movie Dumbo (for the send time) with him. Liberty claims it's her favorite movie EVER. We ended the night at the hotel grilling out and playing some basketball.

On Thursday, the kids and I decided that we would drive around Dallas to give some bags out to the homeless. This idea was inspired by my cousin Makenna, who loved the homeless. She has an amazing story that I would love to share on here one day, but for now I'll just say that she loved the outcasts, and one of those groups were the homeless. Since she passed away, we have been making up bags with food and toiletries and keeping them in my car. We also have a photo of Makenna in them with her story on the back. Through her story, the hope is that these people feel the love that she used to share as well as the love of Christ. I sat down with the kids, read them a bible story, and we talked about serving others and thinking of others before ourselves. The lesson got them excited, and off we went to find a few people to donate to!

After about thirty minutes, we discovered that Dallas is much different than Southern California. While in California we could have handed out 50 of those bags in about 30 minutes, we quickly learned that Dallas was very much different. After driving around for about an hour, we finally found a young homeless boy sitting outside of McDonalds. We pulled up and just as I was rolling down my window to ask if he wanted me to oder him something, we realized that he was not homeless, but just waiting for a ride. The biggest give away for Carter was the fact that he had a cell phone. Carter yelled, "That man has a cell phone! He's a fake!" Thankfully, we realized this before actually handing out the bag. To make a long story short, we drove around for a bit longer until we decided to call it quits and head to a park. We will keep trying though!

Ok so, we spent Friday at the hotel packing while Corey worked because we knew that Saturday we were leaving early to head to the much anticipated Silos!

We got up early Saturday to head to Waco, and it was pouring down rain. Because of the weather, the trip took a little longer than expected but it was well worth it. Also, our car was filled to the brim.

Back to Magnolia---

I think Corey (and the kids) would agree that Magnolia was just as dreamy (ok maybe Corey wouldn't use the word dreamy) as we were expecting, and even though we were soaking wet from the downpour, we'd do it all over again!

We did head over to their restaurant, but the wait was four hours, so we found a cute place called Bubba's 33, and it was delicious! If you ever are in the area and decide to go there, get the bacon appetizer!  Might have to make a trip back just for that!

After Magnolia, Carter and I were scheduled to fly out to Los Angeles for his commercial, but because of the rain our flight kept getting delayed. I was extremely nervous that we wouldn't make it there, but thankfully despite the weather we made it just a few hours behind schedule! Heres a photo of us in the airport waiting for our plane to take off:

My amazing parents picked us up from the airport and stayed with us in L.A. for the night.

Sunday we spent the majority of the day on set. My mom was able to come along with us which was really nice. Normally we cannot share photos, but the director did give us permission to do so for this one because the toy has already been released, so here are a few photos of that...

After filming, my dad came and picked us up. The three of us (My dad, Carter, and I) were scheduled to fly out and meet Corey and Liberty in New Orleans. Our flight got delayed a few hours though, so that bought us some extra time to hang out. We were able to get some dinner with my mom at Killer Shrimp Cafe (delicious btw, and open 24 hours,)  hang out for a little bit, and even catch the sunset on a cute beach called Charlie Beach in Marina Del Rey before we had to head to the airport.

Corey and Liberty had a great time on their trip as well! They got lots of great pictures, but they are on Corey's phone so I can't add them right this second. He did do a post on our Instagram though, so you can follow us on there!

We made it to our hotel in New Orleans at about 4am on Monday morning, and we hit the ground running at about 10am!

Like I said, today is Tuesday, but to keep this post short I am going to stop here and do all of New Orleans in one post. I will say that I am pleasantly surprised by this city. I like it a lot, and we are having a lot of fun. The kids and I have been hanging out while Corey and my dad work the show here, but we have had a good amount of time to get out and explore with them as well.

We are scheduled to be here until tomorrow evening, and then the four of us are heading to one more city before we hit Ohio---Nashville! It's one of my favorite places, and I'm excited to share it with the kids. As always, if you have recommendations for Nashville, or New Orleans, please leave a comment!!!

Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!!!

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