We Have Survived the Twenty Hour Drive to Texas!

Alright, so I promised that I'd post updates of our cross-country move back to Ohio, so here is the first official post!

I figured this would be the best way to post so that I can share the details, and post photos without blowing everyone up on social media.

The kids and I pulled out of Lake Elsinore at about 9am yesterday, and we arrived safely in Dallas at about 6:45pm today.

Overall, the trip went really smoothly...well except for the speeding ticket...oops.

Anyways, the kids were amazing travelers. I'll be completely transparent and say that electronics were a lifesaver. While I try my hardest to keep my kids off of screens as much as possible, I figured a twenty hour car ride alone with them was not the time to implement this rule. That being said, I'm very happy that I chose my battles on this, because they were entertained and I was able to safely focus on the road.

Our first pit stop was just on the border of California. The kids were able to run around for a bit, and Carter even got an audition done for a commercial his managers sent to him! Here is a photo from our first stop:

Other than the electronics, the only other things I really planned ahead of time were bins for each of them full of books, and the "treasure bag." I filled a grocery bag full of random dollar store toys and snacks, and I told the kids if they were good and kept their spaces clean, they could pick a treasure at each stop. It worked out marvelously, and was definitely good incentive to keep them behaved.

I thought I might regret putting candy in the treasure bag, especially after Liberty proudly announced, "Mommy I ate AAAAALLLLLLL the white stuff in the bottom of the bag!!" As I watched her polish off a bag full of sugar from sour patch kids. She said it as if it were the equivalent of her eating a bowl full of broccoli. Anyways, it made me giggle, and didn't stop them from getting a nap in!

The drive from California to Texas is one of my favorite drives to make. I'd do that stretch monthly if I could because the scenery never ceases to amaze me. Unfortunately though, I was driving so I couldn't snap as many pictures as I wanted to.

Other than a couple other random bathroom breaks and a stop for lunch, the first day was pretty uneventful. We drove about 11 hours which put us in Albuquerque, and left us with about 9 hours to drive the following day. The kids and I got some rest and then took off around 8 the next morning.

About an hour into our morning drive is when the police caught me red-handed as I was daydreaming and found myself going a little more than slightly over the speed limit. Liberty told me to rip my ticket up in front of the cop when she brought it back to the car. I calmly explained that probably wouldn't be a good idea. The kids then asked how they'd get to Texas since I was going to jail, and then Carter wanted a lesson on radar guns. So, we made the most of the situation, and I just tried to convince myself that the ticket was a $122 lesson plan for the kiddos.

Other than the run-in with the police, the remainder of the trip went great! Oh! We did stop at the Cadillac Ranch to snap a few photos. It was not out of the way at all, and was an excuse for the kids to stretch their legs.

We ended up in Dallas close to 7, and Corey met us with Chipotle at the hotel. We took the kids to run around outside and see the pool, but Carter's only (relentless) request was to workout in the gym. So, we took them down and he did pull-ups, ran on the treadmill, and lifted weights. He was happy as a clam. (Not my kid.) Here's a video of him "working out" in the hotel room while he waited on us to take him to the gym:

We are all settled into our hotel which will be our home for the next week. The kids are snuggled up watching Disney channel, and I'm trying to find things to keep us busy this week. If any of you know of any hiking trails or kid-friendly things to do near Dallas, let me know! The pool and relaxing sound like a great plan too.

Regarding the rest of the trip, as of right now, our plan is to head to New Orleans on the 16th and then be back to Ohio by Easter (maybe). I'd really love to make a stop in Nashville.

We will be sure to keep you all posted! Thanks for the prayers and support.

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