Episode 10: October Life Updates, Debt Updates, and Lessons!

As time goes on and The Adkins HighlightREAL evolves, we have decided to give our updates less frequently in the form of a podcast. We are thinking the updates will be every month or every other month for those of you who have been following along on our journey of debt pay off, apartment living, healthy lifestyles and more!

That being said, this podcast covers all of the above and the lessons that we are learning along the way!

 So here we go!

Apartment Living

Aside from the fact that Corey may need to go to counseling due to our bedroom being "stuffy" and him losing a bit of space because we shifted our bed, it's going great!

Seriously though, we have adjusted really well, and while there are many skeptics when it comes to the amount of space, we have grown to love it. The benefits of a low maintenance home WAY outweigh the limited amount of space.

In this season, we know we are right where we need to be, and we are thankful we followed our guts and not the need to impress or have some type of status by having a home.

Check out this week's episode to hear more about our discoveries and benefits of apartment life!

Health and Fitness

You can't be winning in all areas of life at the same time, all the time, right?!

As you guys know, Spetember was a bit of a rough month for us due to a family tragedy. We aren't robots, and the focus of AHR is to be REAL. With that being said, our priorities shifted during this tough time, and our health and fitness goals kind of fell to the wayside. That being said, we are not giving up on our health and fitness. There are times where grace and rest are needed, but we are ready to pick up where we left off.

Let this be an encouragement to you to give yourself grace when rough patches come. Health and fitness is a way to take care of your body, not punish it. When life gets crazy, be okay with rolling with the punches. And when it's time to get back to it, give yourself the tough love that you need and get back to work!

Listen to the podcast episode to hear what our game plan will be going forward.

Debt Payoff


Since August, we went from

$124,171.51 to $118,731.58

So, we are DOWN (finally) $5,439.93!!

In this portion of the podcast, we discuss what we did to make that happen.

Disclaimer: What we did to make this happen is NOT what we recommend to you. If you have a discussion and determine a similar approach is what works for you, great, but don't take our words for it!

We are not financial advisors or professionals, but after a lot of discussion and prayer, this approach was what was best for us at this time. If you want actual advice from actual professionals--a really good place to start is in this book below.

We have read it and applied it in the past. We are using Dave's debt snowball approach, and putting much of what he says into practice. He has classes and podcasts as well.

We highly recommend him!

-The Total Money Makeover

-The Total Money Makeover Workbook

Life Lessons

We love doing this podcast because it excites us to have a recording of our journey that we can reflect on. We are doing our absolute best at living lives of intention. With that, we really try to embrace whatever we are going through and figure out what God is trying to teach us in each season.

I am going to give you the titles of the lessons here, but if you want to hear us elaborate on them or get the specifics of what we are learning, listen to this week's podcast!

1.)Pray, perservere, and trust in God's plan
2.)Practice humility and let go of pride
3.)Learn to be joyful in the season you are in

We love and appreciate all of you guys! Sharing this journey has been so fun, and it's really helped to keep us accountable! Thank you for all of the encouragement! We hope you are getting as much out of this journey as we are. As a token of our appreciation, we do a drawing on the 1st of every month.

Anyone that leaves a comment review on our podcast on the Itunes Podcast app is entered to win. Please leave a comment for your chance to win!

 Until Next Time!

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