Episode 12: Marriage Problems

Does anyone elses husband have an internal alarm that dings for them to shave their entire body in the bathroom sink seconds after you've cleaned it?

How about a wife that leaves the bathroom door open when she's using it?

NO?! Just us?!

Well this is embarassing...

Over the last seven years, we have had plenty of ups and downs, but just like every other AHR topic, we want to shed light on the "downs" because no matter how perfect the relationship, one thing is guaranteed...hard times will come. While the little things above definitely do have the ability to become the "big things," we are going to talk about some of our more serious struggles in hopes to encourage you all to know you aren't alone!

There are plenty of relationships out there that talk about their cinderella stories, and quite frankly, we've had enough with the fluff. If you're constantly comparing your HighlightREAL to someone elses HighlightREEL, it's easy to feel like a failure and want to throw in the towel, but here's the truth:

We ALL struggle.

Relationships can be HARD! That doesn't mean you are destined for failure, and you are definitely not alone!

We hope you find this episode encouraging. It's not easy to talk about the hard stuff, and we certainly are not experts, but we believe there is so much power in pulling the curtains back and taking down the picture perfect ideal every now and again.

We are learning and growing every day. We know we arent perfect....but one thing is for sure...we are in this for the long haul...messiness and all.

Don't let imperfection make you feel like a failure.

Don't be discouraged if you face tough times. 

Marriage is so beautiful, but it's also really stinkin' hard somettimes.

You are not alone.

God's power is made perfect in our weaknesses, and he can do some pretty cool things with a messy story.

 That being said, here are some lessons that we have learned and touch on in this week's podcast:

1.) Love is a choice, not a feeling

2.) Be a team against the trial

3.) If you're not progressing in your marriage, you're going to go backwards

Listen to this week's episode to hear us elaborate, and maybe even hear some advice from  other marriages that we deeply admire!!!

Here are some of our favorite marriage resources:

-The Five Love Languages
-The Love Dare
-Real Marriage Book

You can listen to this week's podcast here:

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