Episode 11: Leaving Behind a Victim Mindset to Live a Life of Purpose

This week, we had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the one and only Sarah Sliman!

Corey and I absolutley adore Sarah and everything she stands for, and we have a feeling that after listening to this week's podcast, you will too!

Sarah is a fitness guru, personal trainer, and speaking from experience, an absolutely amazing health coach---but that wasn't always her story.

In this podcast, we get to hear her talk all about how she got to where she is now.

Spoiler alert: It took her learning to leave behind a victim state of mind, and choosing to use her struggles as a catalyst to help others. If staying stuck in victim mode (guilty) is something you struggle with, you have to take a listen!

During her story, we covered everything from the struggle of comparison and feelings of not being enough to getting rid of the stigma around fitness culture.

I dont want to give too much away in this post because the podcast was that good and I want to encourage you guys to listen to it! Sarah's story is an awesome one that I think many will relate to. She is honestly one of our favorite people in the fitness industry and it's because of the path and mission she has chosen for herself and her business.

Take a listen! You wont regret it.

In this episode we touched on:

-The struggle with comparison and feelings of not being enough

-How food restriction and body image used to control Sarah's life and how she began to overcome that

- Realizing that remaining in a victim state of mind was making her powerless

-How to be able to discern when a door is closing on your journey, and having the faith to take a leap into the next journey.

-What to do if you know what your purpose is but you're afraid to step into it, and what to do if you have no idea what your purpose is at all!

-Getting rid of the stigma around fitness culture and the idea that it's all about aesthetics

You can find Sarah:

On her Instagram
On her blog
For additional Power Group information, feel free to message her on Instagram!

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